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Brittny Ksenic

Area Specialist

Brittny is an enthusiastic, funny and vivacious member of our team, bringing energy and laughter to everything she does.

Brittny has been apart of the team since 2016 beginning in an admin role and quickly transitioning over into the sales department as an assistant to the office's lead agent Brett Armitage where she learnt all her knowledge from the best of the best. 

Culture is a big deal in our office. We hire people, not resumes. This formula doesn’t always work, however when it does, we strike gold and that’s what we have done with BK (as she is known affectionately in-house). Our Values of Integrity, Passion and Abundance are absolutely personified in this girl. Our Ethos of Communication, Team Spirit and To Learn are the ways in which she lives each day, absorbing information like a sponge, taking on challenges head first, and always helping everyone around her. 

BK is our dedicated animal lover, music festival attending, fitness loving, eldest of three daughters, Serbian blooded, Melbourne raised, our cheeky little pocket rocket. 

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