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Property Management

Property Management

At Ray White Narre Warren South we are experienced in exceptional property management throughout South East Melbourne.

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Reasons why you should have a property manager

Choosing to have your property professionally managed is a big commitment. Whether it’s your first property, the family home or part of a growing investment portfolio, we know how important it is for you to know your asset is being looked after to the highest standard.

Finding renters

We will help you find the right renter. Our key objective is to get as many quality applications as possible and in doing this, create the maximum amount of competition for your property. Once applications are received, we follow rigorous renter selection and screening procedures, and years of experience to identify risky applications.  The highest quality applications are then presented to you to decide who you would like in your home.

Maintenance issues 

We deal with maintenance issues and conduct regular inspections ( three months after the renter moves in and every six  months thereafter) , issuing renters with notice if they breach their terms of lease. A schedule of routine inspections allows us to inspect the property regularly and keep an eye on any repairs or maintenance required that could increase the potential rental income of the property and make sure it remains safe for renters to live in for the duration of their tenancy.


We know the Residential Tenancies Act inside and out. We make sure that you comply with the most recent legislation. As your industry expert, we must ensure that you remain compliant and that your renters remain safe. These laws require us to engage the services of licensed tradespeople to undertake, monitor and service the particular areas. These areas are:

  • Smoke alarm servicing
  • Gas & electrical compliance 
  • Minimum standards 

Rent arrears 

Ensuring that your renter pays their rent on time is one of the most important roles we play. We understand your investment is a business transaction and loss of income can cause you not only financial strain but personal stress.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for rent arrears and do not tolerate late or missed payments by our renters. This policy is carefully explained to all Renters at the start of the tenancy to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise at a later date.  All of our Rental Providers are notified immediately if a Renter is in arrears as standard. 

Renters vacating 

When our renters vacate a property, we complete a detailed final inspection prior to any bond being released back to the renter. Our property investment managers will compare findings against the entry condition report and provide investors with advice in the event of possible disputes, changes or damages that need to be rectified. If there are any discrepancies, other than fair wear and tear, we make it our priority to protect your interests and enter a claim against the bond as quickly as possible. Bonds will be released to renters only after you are satisfied with the exit condition of your property after lease.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into property management. This is what we do and we are here for you.  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call on 8785 0377

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